Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Export. This set of Standard Terms and Conditions of Export Sales is designed for use by a seller selling goods to an overseas business.

1. Samples

Sample if required will be provided without commercial value. Such requirement of sending samples through courier normally is charged by the receivers except whom having available account (Fedex, DHL, TNT…). However, not all the time the courier fee is borne by the receiver. We are flexible on cases.

All samples are selected from the latest crop for pre-testing and referred to commodities would be shipped.

terns and conditions

2. Payment

Currency used is mostly US Dollars. In some cases, Euro, CNY (China mainland) are acceptable
Method of payment to be arranged by mutual agreement from the following options: (Terms and Conditions)

  • C.A.D (Cash Against Document).
  • L/C: we accept LC at sight; confirmed LC.
  • T TR (Telegraphic Transfer Remittance)
  • negotiable and shall be advised per each deal.
  • D/P (Document against Payment) at sight.
  • D A (Applicable to VIP customers and partners)
  • Details of T TR mode (percentage, bank account, value date,..etc) is

3. Delivery

We usually have available material in stock for supply. After customer place order, it will be transferred to our factory for cargo arrangement. Thanks to equipments at the factory and work team who are skillful, commodities are soon prepared, packaged and containerized.

Normally it takes 15 working days since the date of deposit the cargo shall be loaded from. Related documents such as Booking Note, Bill of Lading and information about the status of the cargo shall be updated to the buyer regularly.

We also try to cooperate accurately with forwarders or shipping line to make sure customer’s cargo is delivered on time every time.

4. Commission

Customers who have entered into business with us are not only direct buyers or end users but also broker or a third party who find our policy is favorable to join. We always appreciate and would like to welcome all valued opportunities which broker agent offer.

On revert, broker agent get their commission upon the mutual agreement between two parties.

Every transaction related to brokerage and commission will be specialized by Commission Agreement and information is kept secret.


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  • E-mail: info.khoinguyengroup@gmail.com

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